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>> history says the latest jobs report could play a part in the election. no president has been reelected with unemployment above 8% since the great depression. tara for cbs news, the white house. >> but in the mist of that overall good news, there wa bad news closer to home. rev lone says it is closing its facility in beltville. that means 117 people will be getting layoff notices. the baltimore sun says those layoffs will start taking effect january 1. unemployment wasn't the only topic for the president. as surae chinn reports, mr. obama seemed to be making up for his performance in this week's debate. >> the president was in a comfort zone today at george mason university. >> i don't think a working mom in arlington should have to wait to get a mammogram because money is tight. i don't think a college student in fairfax or charlottesville should have to choose between textbooks or the preventive care that she needs. that's why we pass this law. >> he may joke.
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>> for all you moms and kids out there, don't worry, somebody is finally getting tough on big bird. >> without his rival, mr. obama took jabs at his opponent's comments about cutting funding to pbs. >> elmo has to watch out, too. governor romney plans to let wall street run wild again, but he's going to bring down the hammer on sesame street. >> and finally, it's what supporters had hoped he would have brought up at the debate, the 47% comment made by romney at a fund raising event missing the portion of americans expected to vote for the president. >> it takes more than one party. it certainly can't happen if you are willing to write off half the nation before you take office. >> surrounded by supporters. >> we are strong and we're going to contin fighting forward. >> mr. obama hopes to keep the swing state of virginia blue for the second time in 48 years. >> if you'll vote for me in november, we will win a fairfax county again. >> at george mason university,
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surae chin 9news now. >> as you know, there are two more presidential debates. the next scheduled for tuesday, october 16. the new estimate puts the deficit for the 2012 budget year at $1.1 trillion. this is the fourth straight year of trillion dollar deficits under president obama. however, the number is a bit better from the 2011 deficit. that was $1.3 trillion. a big drop in revenue for the first casino to open in maryland. lottery officials announced the hollywood casino took in $5.9 million. that is down about a third from last year. but, casinos in anne arundel county and ocean city took in $32 million and $5 million and those are 5% increases. expanding gambling to include table games and perhaps adding a sixth casino in prince georges county are on the ballot come november. the question of legalizing same-sex marriage is on the ballot in maryland next month and weeks after one of the
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baltimore ravens linebackers made headlines with his support of that referendum, another player is speaking out against it. >> i'm ravens center, marriage is not easy. but it has lasted throughout the ages as an honored institution because it provides unique foundation for societies and children. marriage is more than what adults want for themselves. it's also about the next generation. marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> that video by raven center matt burke is only being distributed online. linebacker, brendan, scheduled to appear with governor martin o'railly at a fundraiser supporting the initiative on monday. and there's new information tonight about those controversial ads. a proisrael group wants to put up in metro. late this afternoon, a federal judge ruled the transit system needs to display the ad by 5:00 p.m. this coming monday. the american freedom defense initiative sued, which equate
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muslim radicals with savages. we have a moldy mess to report on. the question is, who is to blame and is it something that could happen to you? scott broom followed us at the home of brett and rebecca schneider who say they are victims that need help. >> we believe that this water is making its way down by gravity. >> homeowner who now talks like a utility engineer outside and inside she has her upstairs sealed off to keep out airborne mold. >> i taste the mold and we breathe it. >> from her basement, schneider and her husband say it all started with a wssc sewer backup last year forced them to gut the space where a family room and bath used to be. now they claim wsse's $310,000 repair of the neighborhood sewer line this summer has made the situation worse. they believe that ground water that used to get into the old broken sewer during rains can't now that it is fixed and that's
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caused the pump to work overtime. >> we have a problem that everybody seems to acknowledge, but no one is willing to acknowledge ownership of it. >> we are doing what the e.p.a. asked us to do. >> i.j. points out that storm water runoff is not the utility's responsibility. in fact, the wssc is under a court order to keep rainwater out of its sanitary sewers. >> that's what we are supposed to do. it's for the good of the customer and good of the environment. there's only the perception that their pump is running more often. >> the schneider's admit there has been no actual flooding since the wssc repair outside, but they fear it is inevitable. that certainly won't help the mold. at the wssc, scott broom, 9news now. >> well a national expert, scott consulted today said storm water and sewage should never mix and they were obligated to repair that sewer line. we all know that the keys to keeping clean are wash your hands, brush your teeth, take a
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bath on saturday night. according to is survey, there is a difference between what passes for acceptable on the cleanliness scale when it comes to men versus women. now this survey shows men wash their hair more frequently and hop in the shower almost as often as the ladies do, but it also shows 42% of men say they will wear the same pair of underwear more than once without washing it. >> doesn't that defeat the purpose? >> yeah, it does. but 23% of women admit they will do the same thing. guys say they will wear the same pair of socks twice and jeans five times before they put them in the wash. however, when it comes to changing bed sheets or brushing teeth, the genders are about the same. i am not one of those guys with the same pair of underwear twice. that's just gross. >> glad you shared that with our viewers. now everyone can rest easy. moving on, more than a billion people around the world are forced to live on just a dollar a day. could you do that? coming up at 7:00, we will talk to a student who did just that
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and made it inspiring film about it. we'll see you then. still to come in this half hour of 9news, rising prices, dwindling supply. find out where people are struggling to gas up their cars. eric cay. >> erica. >> 83 degrees was our high temperature and with beautiful sunshine and low humidity. it felt ideal. but unfortunately, that's not lasting. i'll tell you more about the forecast and that columbus day weekend coming up in a little bit. but first, an update on the discovery of bedbugs in university of maryland housing complexes. we'll be back.
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an update on reports of bedbugs at the university of maryland. we told you about it last night. tonight there are three confirmed cases. students living inside the south campus commons apartments have been meeting with capstone on campus management, the company in charge of where they live, exterminators were on campus. >> we are literally living out of giant plastic bags. all of our clothes, all of our furniture. everything is completely -- it's a complete mess. it's hard to find my clothes. we have to dry our clothes with high heat before putting them on to decrease the risk of having bugs on us. >> during the interim six weeks, we understand we have been compliant. but there has been no compensation or plan made.
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that's our primary concern. >> well capstone issued a statement that reads quote, we will continue to follow our established protocall to responding to residents who notify us of bedbugs. students aren't satisfied, but they believe their concerns are being taken seriously. thousands of local high school seniors will take the s.a.t. starting tomorrow morning. many of these students will be trying to improve their scores from last spring. the class of 2012 bombed the test, with the lowest scores in history. reading and writing scores dropped by several points while the decline may be due in part by diverse population. the no child left behind law may also be partly to blame. we're talking about testing, testing, testing to get into college. once you get here, that doesn't really matter. so i think yeah, i think policymakers should be making a decision based on these s.a.t. scores about what we are spending time in school doing. are we really getting kids ready for college? >> american university is one of hundreds of colleges around
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the country that do not require the s.a.t. but if you take the test, they will see your score. what is the best brain food for your student ahead of the test this weekend? check out that story at click on health under the news section. two cultural phenomenons that stood the test of time celebrate their 50th birthday today. ♪ [ music ] the beetles were introduced to the world with their single, love me do, when it debuted on october 5, 1962. on the exact same day a british icon hit the silver screen for the first time. >> my name is bond, james bond. i have to leave immediately. >> agent oo7 made his big screen debut in dr. know. six actors have played the role overall in the franchise that raked in $5 billion since 1962.
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a boston man has won an online competition to become the first male model on the game show, the price is right. the show's producers say viewers havechosen rob wilson. he will join the female models starting october 15. you can see the price is right every weekday right here on wusa9. still ahead, funding hit the bump in the road, so to speak, for some safety improvements on metro. can
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well, we have to get ready for major work along the gw parkway this weekend. the national park service plans to close the northbound lanes between spout run and cambridge in an hour from now. crews will do some rock stabilization until about 5:30 monday morning. so watch out for that if you usually go on the parkway. metro will be single tracking on the orange and red lines. you could expect some delays between the stations on the orange line. and the judiciary square and fort to then stations on the red line. the work is scheduled to run from tonight at 10:00 p.m. until the system closes monday night, which is columbus day. if you are visually impaired, there's a chance you rely on bumpy tiles to alert you to the edge of the
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platform. not every station has them. advocates for the byline against the transit agency. this is a critical safety issue, but metro points out it is already in full compliance with americans with disabilities act. the ada. >> so the bumpy tiles need to be in our key stations. these are stations that are transfer points and stations that have the most activity. so that requirement was met a long time ago, so everything that we're doing now is over and above what is required. >> anybody that has dealt with a crowded platform on the train, it's not just being a person who is blind, you know, anybody, you feel it on your feet, you feel it with the cane that you have. it lets you know that you're almost on the edge. >> 65 of metro's 86 stations have the bumpy tiles in place. including twin brook, where the instability is underway. the is 11 remaining stations
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need funding. its intent to have the bumpy tiles on the edge installed in all stations at some point. now metro could be a great option to get to this weekend's taste of d.c. but even if you're not going to the event, be aware pennsylvania avenue will be closed between 9th and 14th streets. 10th and 12th streets will be closed from constitution avenue to e street and 11th and 13th streets will close between e and pennsylvania. all of these closings will go from 8:00 tonight until 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. drivers in california are headed toward an all-time record high pain at the pump. gas prices jumped another 19 cents a gallon overnight. it is believed to be the largest one day increase ever. the average cost for gas, that is unleaded in l.a. now $4.53. that's regular. but some gas stations are inching toward gas at $6 a gallon. >> $10 in gas doesn't give me a quarter of a tank.
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so it is really out of control. >> okay, listen to this. some stations are actually running out of gas. analysts say it is due in part to a transition from the so- called summer blend gasoline to the winter blend which burns cleaner at cooler temperatures. we have summer-like temperatures today and i loved it. >> it was just beautiful and i wish that could last through the whole weekend. a lot of people have off for columbus day. it would be a great weekend to enjoy that beautiful weather, unfortunately, it's not going to stay that way. let's take a look outside while we can. with the michael and son weather cam. it's 79 degrees right now. the dew point is comfortable in the 50s. that wind has picked up a little bit the out of the southwest. there's a cold front on the way and we generally get winds parallel to the front before it moves through. that's what we are seeing with that southwesterly breeze. the humidity still 40%. nice and comfortable. here's a look at the weather headline. as i said, great day today, great weather continues overnight tonight. that's it then. it looks like we're going to
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see showers arriving as early as around noon tomorrow. maybe even into the evening hours on your saturday as well. but, it's not a lot of rain on saturday. the real rain event arrives on sunday and this one is just going to be a soggy mess for us. lots of clouds, very cool temperatures as well on sunday. and it will get much better on monday, but still newt going to get back to this fantastic weather we had today. that's not a part of the columbus day weekend forecast. right now, still beautiful at 78 degrees in fredericksburg. 77 in andrews air force base. 77 in cumberland as well. starting to get cooler in winchester where it is 72 degrees right now. here's a look at satellite and radar. you can see that cold front on the way. the showers and thunderstorms firing up. and that energy is going to make its way toward us. it's going to lose punch as it makes its way toward us. practically picking up just a small chance of a shower here as we look toward hagerstown,
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maybe picking up showers. and then as this front slips to the south and east of us, we start to clear out, already, on saturday evening. so just a quick shower in the forecast for the d.c. metro area on saturday. and then sunday, that's when the big event arrives. the cloud cover starts to spread in here during the morning and the rain arrives by noon for most of us and it will get steady and heavy at times. you can see in the dell morva peninsula and also in the chesapeake bay, getting heavy rain on sunday and it looks like we could see that rain continue into sunday night as well. overnight tonight, none of that, clear and comfortable. low humidity. 53 to 62 for your overnight lows and saturday morning, it will be mostly sunny and nice with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the cloud cover will increase. a chance of a late shower or storm and i'll have to hit the hot button so we can make our way toward the seven-day forecast. the hot button is going to work for me. i'm going to have to head out here and show you the temperatures in the mid 70s for
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the outlying suburbs and beautiful temperatures as we head toward the beltway for saturday. all right, the seven-day forecast. we'll have it again at 7:00. anita, back to you. >> talk about a big baseball weekend. it's hard to fathom, isn't it? >> it's awesome. it is absolutely huge. it is as good as it gets if you are, as anita said, a baseball fan. what are the nats thinking as they sit at home waiting to find out who they will play? in a few hours, baltimore will enter the pressure cooker themselves. can they tame texas? next.
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welcome back. you are about to witness a pretty cool sports weekend. nats, orioles, redskins. playoff baseball and a darn good football game, too. this town has been longing for one of its teams to make the playoffs. we just didn't think the nats would be the first. but they are. it's what happens when you win 98 games. what a summer on south capital. first, everywhere first playoff bid, first division title. they are about to play their first preseason game. what to expect, how would they know? this is all new to them. they do know this. they have to play their best baseball. >> we want to do what we want to do, we'll have to beat really good teams no matter what. this is where the good teams are and there's really not a weak team. >> they are great teams. great at home and great on the
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road. they have a great lineup and you know, also atlanta. they have a great lineup and it's going to be a lot of fun. >> so, who are they going to play? that's going to be determined. they'll face the winner. the cardinals leading 3-2 in the 4th. we will be updating that all evening long. meanwhile, baltimore. their task is a little more difficult than washington. they have no room for error. the one-game wild card in texas, buck has chosen joe sanders to take the rock. joe says he wants to bring baltimore fans a game or two at camden yards. >> it would be really nice to have -- get a win for the club and get a playoff game. that's what this organization is asking to do and what the fans want us to do. so if we can do that, i think the oriole nation will be pretty happy with us. >> if you're a high school football fan, great games
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tonight. we have the best highlights. 12,000 of you voted for that. also, some great rivalry games, westfield, good council, edison, and yorktown. redskins quarterback is burning up the nation. how do you get one of those jerseys? go to wusa. that is cool stuff right there. erica looking good. like us on facebook, that's how you get that jersey. >> one of these jerseys, just like them on facebook and tell them why you deserve it. >> and you have until the show starts at 7:00. game on, october 13. you have some time. go like us on facebook and tell us why. >> it is on this saturday after lsu and florida. >> awesome. all right, we'll look forward to that. that's all for 9news now at 6:00. derek will be back with your area's only local newscast at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00. see you later.
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